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Delivery of “Moontech” compressor units – Cold Storage, IQF, Fishery and meat processing, skiing ground etc.

DennisWen 2023.12.5. Fuzhou

For a long time, Industrial refrigeration market is dominated by the European/American and Japanese brands like: York/Frick, Gea, Howden, and Mycom. Chinese local brands, like Moon-tech, Bingshan and recently growing SRMtec are still playing in the domestic market or developing countries only.

Moontech group is the No.1 now for its scale and influence.

Bingshan used to be No. 1 in China for its long history and strong technical background.

In early 2023, Thermojinn signed cooperation agreement with Moontech, for market like Iran, Russia, and Mexico. Already 3 batches compressor units are delivered to the market. Hope future Refrigeration market has more presence of China products.

Moontech Introduction.

1.The largest screw compressor manufacturing base in China, with an annual production of 3,000 units.

2.China's largest test range and highest test accuracy of refrigeration compressor full performance experimental device.

3.The most advanced screw compressor digital intelligent factory in China

4.The United Nations Multilateral Fund and the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection refrigeration industry key support enterprises

5.Top 100 Chinese Machinery Industry (59) Top 30 core competitiveness of Chinese machinery industry

6.Annual Sales: USD 1,000 Million / CNY 6,360 Million

7.Employee: 5426 (Including 899 foreign employees)

8.Area Occupied:About 1,800,000 Sq. Meter

Here are the application fields of the delivered screw compressor units in food sector:

1.Food Freezing & Cold Storage

2.Cold chain logistics system technology and equipment

3.Food freeze-drying

4.Artificial intelligence environment

5.Construction Aggregate Cooling, Frozen Soil Probing

More than in food sector, the units are also applied to the Gas Compression. Clean Emission, Heat exchange technology, Power station boilers, Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying.

Hope all the best for the future!!!


Post time: Dec-06-2023