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How are monoblocks applied in the cold chain application?

AIOB Monoblock refrigeration units are equipment where condenser and the evaporator are built in the same frame.

The refrigeration cycle of any refrigeration equipment or system has several processes: compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation. This refrigeration cycle can be implemented in split systems, where the condenser is formed by one unit and the evaporator by another, requiring piping in the installation, or on the other hand it can be implemented in a compact system, such as monoblock.
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1 Monoblock types according to their application and operation ranges.
2 Advantages of installing a monoblock.
3 Monoblocks with low-charge technology of R290

1.Type of monoblocks according to their application and operation ranges.

Depending on their application, we can talk about commercial or industrial monoblocks. Commercial monoblocks, as their name suggests, are designed for small and medium-sized refrigeration and preservation cold rooms, and can be installed on the wall, ceiling or door of the cold room. Industrial monoblocks, on the other hand, are designed for large storage and freezer rooms or loading bays and are installed on the wall or on the floor.

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Depending on the temperature at which the equipment operates, we can find monoblocks of:

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2.Advantages of AIOB Monoblock Installation
The installation of a monoblock unit has the following advantages:
It requires less installation time as it is compact and does not require the installation of refrigerant or water lines for the installation.
It does not need a machine room, as it is installed in the same location as the cold room.
They require minimum maintenance and a reduced refrigerant charge.
They are Plug & Start installation equipment, tested and charged in the factory, ready to install.
They have multiple installation options: on the wall of the cold room, on the door or on the ceiling.
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3.AIOB Monoblock with low charge refrigerant: R290
Propane, or R-290, is a hydrocarbon used as a refrigerant in commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. It has a low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic properties.
AIOB monoblock units has option to be applied with natural refrigerant: R290, a low flammable refrigerant charge, class A3. In accordance with the European standard EN 378, the units are suitable for industrial premises with restricted access, and the practical refrigerant charge limit of 8 g of R-290 per m3 of room volume must be respected for each unit.

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