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Ice machine

Flake ice machine is the most important tool for ice making in China, flake ice machine is widely used in supermarkets, hotel fresh preservation, food processing industry. Since entering the 21st century, compared with the traditional flake ice machine, the new flake ice machine requires the characteristics of simplicity, high productivity, more complete supporting and more automation. It is understood that at present, the countries with high levels of foreign ice production and refrigeration mainly include the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. German ice production is in a superior position in terms of design, manufacturing and technical performance. In recent years, the development of refrigeration and flake ice machine equipment in these countries has shown a new trend. China's economic development since the reform has become faster and faster, so far China's science and technology has been greatly improved and is constantly improving, the production technology level of ice making equipment such as flake ice machines and supermarket ice machines is also constantly updated and improved.

At present, the competition of flake ice machine in the market is fierce, and those flake ice machine equipment that are stagnant in technology are destined to be eliminated, and those highly automated, intelligent, humanized, high-output, less energy consumption, environmentally friendly flake ice machine products will be loved by customers and more and more favored by the flake ice machine industry. Therefore, the automation of flake ice machine equipment is the main goal of the development of flake ice machine manufacturing industry.

Our THERMOJINN brand flake ice machine, in line with the trend of industrial automation, such as high intelligent numerical control system, encoder and digital control components, power load control and other new intelligent equipment has been widely used in flake ice machine equipment, so that equipment users in the operation process more independent, flexible, correct operation, high efficiency and compatibility. THERMOJINN flake ice machine, in the process of upgrading to a high degree of automation, also fully considers the user's on-site use, and carries out a more user-friendly design. In addition to ensuring the control of automation, customized design is carried out in combination with the user's on-site installation and use conditions to meet different needs.

Recently, according to the needs of customers, our company has produced a set of 10 tons/day flake ice machine, and the structure adopts the form of three-part. The ice maker, compressor unit and air-cooled condenser are individually formed and divided into three independent skid blocks. Under the premise of not affecting product quality and automatic control, fully consider the actual situation of on-site installation and operation and use for design and production. After the goods were sent to the site, they were highly appreciated by customers.


Post time: Jul-13-2023