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RAXK Two-step Pneumatic stop valve

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Nominal pressure: 2.8MPa
Applicable temperature:-50℃ ~ +120c
Test pressure:4.2MPa
Applicable medium: ammonia,fluorine, propane,propylene, etc.

  • RAXK are two steps servo-operated valves normally closed and pneumatic opening by means of hot gas form external acting upon power piston,the two steps of opening are following.
    1-Step one the valve opens approxl 10% of the total when the coils ofthe pilots are powered
    2-Step two the valve opens automatically 100% when the differential pressure across the valve reaches 1-1.5 bar
  • As the RALK valves On the bonnet of the RAXK are fitted one Externa linterface , nut & nipple connection to gas inlet, and two solenoid pilot AEVM type, one AEVM-NC. (nomally closed pilot) on A. and oneAEVM-NO. (normally open pilot)on B
  • The solenoid A shut-off and opening the flow of gas to the top piston camera, to close or open the main valve. but the solenoid B has to be opened to relieve this gas of the Camera to allow closed again the main valve when the pilot A is closed
  • RAXK valves are designed to use with ammonia and other common fluorinated refrigerants. for use in suction lines opening against very high differential pressure and for any application that need automatical shut-off valve to working with a external line pressure equal or less than inlet pressure of the valve

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