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RSAL Differential Pressure Regulating Valve

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Technical parameters
Nominal pressure: 2.8MPa
Applicable temperature:-50℃ ~ +120c
Test pressure:4.2MPa
Applicable medium: ammonia,fluorine, propane,propylene, etc.


RSALis a set make up of one AM1 and one regulation pilot ACVPP. For similar aplication is available to supply the regulator RSALE, with one external hot gas connection controled by mean of a solenoid pilot NC type


  • The pressure regulators RSAL type,maintain the differentialpressure between inlet and outlet pressures of the main valve,modulating,is to say,opening and cosing the valve,if the difference between inletand outlet pressure,rise or fall with regard to the set point.
  • The varlant RSALE allow to open the main valve thanks to the supply of hot gas,with independence of the differential pressure between inlet and outet pressure of the main valve


The regulators RSAL are designed to work with ammonia and other fluorinated refrigerantsand commonly used as liquid pomps relief, and other aplications to control the pressure differences,for ex.Between suction and discharge in compresors, condenser and receiver pressure. ..etc

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