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Thermojinn Air Cooled Condenser ECA

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Thermojinn offer a range of air-cooled condensers suitable for Freon Gas, custom designed with a small footprint, low sound level and a slimline appearance.
ECA series condenser available in 36 model sizes with total heat rejection 0.385 -58.17 kW
Corrosion Resistant Coated Coils
Head Pressure Control
Shut Off Valves for easy maintenance

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Available in 36 model sizes with total heat rejection 0.385 -58.17kW(R449A)
Available in either horizontal or vertical air discharge orientation.
Large surface area coil is ideally positioned to optimise airflow and heat transfer, manufactured from refrigeration quality copper tube with mechanically bonded aluminium fins.

General Characteristics

Our high efficiency finned packages are made with special profile aluminum fins and high quality Ø 9.52 mm copper tube. Heat exchangers are supplied clean.


Made of galvanized steel, with high resistance against corrosion and impact resistance. Does not produce toxic waste.

Fans (optional)

Fans with axial motor and external rotor, with a high safety standard and adapted to the frame.

For more technical details, please find the attached technical documents.

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