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Thermojinn Air Cooled Condenser ECH

Short Description:

ECH series condenser is a floor type air-cooled condenser suitable for Freon, which has a wide heat exchange range and stable operation, and is suitable for various unused environments.

Available in 59 model sizes with heat capacity from 62.39 -493.66 kW
Vertical axial flow fan with large air volume
High efficiency heat exchange coil with anti-corrosion coating
Automatic pressure control fan operation
Inlet and outlet pipeline Shut Off Valves for easy maintenance

Product Detail

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Features & Benefits

● Available in 59 model sizes with total heat rejection 62.39 -493.66 kW (R449A)
● Vertical air discharge orientation.Multiple fans in parallel,
● The number of heat exchange tubes bent is less, reducing heat exchange loss. Manufactured from refrigeration quality copper tube with mechanically bonded aluminium fins.
● Floor mounted, low vibration, stable operation.

General Characteristics

● High quality Ø 9.52 mm copper tube with special profile aluminum fins . High heat exchange efficiency.
● Floor mounted, low vibration, stable operation
● Special structure, large heat exchange range, meeting different heat exchange requirements


The shell of color steel plate is coated with anti-corrosion paint. Clean and beautiful, no rust.
The support frame is galvanized steel, which is stable without rust.
Removable side cover for easy replacement and maintenance

Fans (optional)

Fans with axial motor and external rotor, Vertical installation, Air throw from lower in and upper out ,stable operation, low noise and large air volume.

For more technical details, please find the attached technical documents.

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