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Thermojinn Air Cooled Condenser ECV

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Thermojinn air-cooled condenser ECV series is the most widely used condenser. V-shaped structure, suitable for Freon. Beautiful appearance, large heat exchange range and convenient installation. It can be installed separately or on the same frame skid with the refrigeration unit to form a box structure, which is suitable for various occasions.

ECV series air cooled condenser ,available in 52 model sizes with heat capacity from 165.81 -686.92 kW
V-type Double Row Corrosion Resistant Coated Coils
Fan Separately Control
Triangular support structure, more stable

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Features & Benefits

● Available in 52 model sizes with total heat rejection 165.81 -686.92 kW (R449A)
● V-shaped structure, double side air inlet, large air volume
● Double row heat exchange tubes with large heat exchange area. The inclination is large and easy to clean. The control junction box is on the end face, which is convenient for maintenance.

General Characteristics

● EVC series Air cooled condensers, Energy saving and high efficiency, which are made with special profile aluminum fins and high quality Ø 9.52 mm copper tube.
● Special double row heat exchange tube structure, large heat exchange area, high efficiency.
● Various and convenient installation methods, suitable for different working conditions.
● Double side air inlet, large air volume, large heat exchange range


It is made of high-quality color steel plate, and the surface is coated with anti-corrosion coating and antirust finish. It has high corrosion resistance and impact resistance. The appearance is beautiful and tidy, without toxic waste.

Fans (optional)

Fans with axial flow motors and external rotors have high safety standards. Vertical installation, firm fixed structure, stable operation and low noise. Multiple fans can be installed in parallel, independently controlled, with high efficiency.

For more technical details, please find the attached technical documents.

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